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Learn How To Design Joomla

Learn how to work with CSS

Unlock Joomla

Learn how Joomla Works from the inside out.

Joomla Social Media

Learn How To Connect To Your Social Media

Joomla SEO

Learn how to optimize your Joomla website for Search Engine Optimization.

Joomla Modules

Learn How To Setup Modules


By using GoToMeeting, I can help you on YOUR own Joomla installation.

Understanding Joomla ACL

Learn how to set up Joomla User Groups

Build your Dream with Joomla Coach

Sacramento Joomla Coach is here to help you with your Joomla questions. I can either help guide you through building your own site or develop a complete Joomla project for you.
Site Security Analysis
Joomla SEO and Marketing
Template Installation and Redesign
Business communication management
On Site Staff Training

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I have been working with Joomla from the very beginning. Over the years I have helped countless clients learn Joomla which allowed them take control their sites.

I found early on that telling someone how to do something is far different then SHOWING someone how Joomla works.

What we do

I offer COMPLETE Joomla Coaching
Phone Support
One Day Onsite Crash Course
Complete Web Design and Redesign
Remote Joomla Training




Onsite Instruction

After consultation, I will put together a curriculum that meets your needs and moves you forward in your Joomla development.


Phone and Remote Support

Do you just need help get a problem worked out or would like to share remote screens to see how something is working, I can help.


Full Site Development

Whether you need help finishing a site, or need someone to take over and complete a project. Joomla Coach can help?

SEO Marketing

Optimized website design and SEO involves utilizing search engine optimization practices that have been proven to gain the favor of the organic search engines when they rank a website in regards to position for a given keyword phrase.

Responsive Web Design

Over 70 percent of all web traffic come from mobile devices. Making sure site can be easily navigated is not only important to you, it is also VERY import to Google.

Understanding Joomla!

Whether you have worked with Joomla before or you are puzzled by how Joomla works. I can help show you the inner workings of Joomla

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I offer COMPLETE Joomla Coaching in three different options, Onsite Instruction, Phone Support or Full Site Development.


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Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 6:00

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